The Post-Graduate Department of Arabic was established at the university in 1980 to impart knowledge of Arabic language and literature to the students at PG level with the objective to inculcate in them a comprehensive understanding of the subject. In the light of this objective and viewing Arabic as a language of international importance, great Islamic civilization and rich Arab culture as well as a force and medium of interaction among various cross currents of social and cultural thoughts conveyed through its rich literature, courses in specific areas of study like classical, Modern,         Indo-Arabic literature and literary criticism were designed with the teaching approach of critical assessment and appreciation. Later on the research programme at M. Phil and Ph. D level was started to promote in-depth research in various domains of language, literature, history and culture.

            The activities of the department expanded remarkably over the years. At present, the department under takes a diverse range of academic and professional programmes and courses. While the Postgraduate programme prepares the students for academic and research pursuits, the Certificate and P.G. Diploma course are designed with the objective of an intensive specialized training in communication skills.


The department pursues a mission to impart quality education to its students. It strives to train them in the language skills and in the study of literature by acquainting them with established classics as well significant new literary works. The focus is on the views and thoughts, preserved in Arabic texts - classic and modern - regarding the human values, socio-religious life, philosophical exposition for the enrichment of social values.

            The department motivates the learners in their respective fields of activities for expansion of learning and research to acquire proficiency in language skills for their placement within the country and abroad.


The prime vision of the department is to set high standards of excellence in the preservation, creation and dissemination of knowledge through teaching and research in Arabic language and its rich literature. The department seeks to expand the parameters of Arabic studies by creating a meaningful interaction and dialogue between various disciplines and by giving an impetus to the concept of cultural studies along with the study of literature.